No Borders Bikepacking

No Borders Bikepacking is the ultimate "off-road" cycling challenge. It's simply everything that embodies the desire for an extraordinary experience where you overcome all obstacles along the way and find fulfilment in doing so. In the end, you're not just elated; you're a hero, filled with all the goodness for everything that awaits you in your cycling life.


No Borders isn't a competition in the true sense; rather, it's primarily a beautiful and unforgettable adventure that will stay in memory. It's primarily a personal challenge and curiosity to discover stunning places while simultaneously exploring one's own limits.


No Borders Bikepacking is a challenge set in the heart of the Alps, spanning three countries and showing no mercy to riders. It's a cycling challenge consisting of a hefty dose of kilometers, tackling elevation gains through the most beautiful locations this area has to offer. Cyclists will explore the Julian Alps, Karawanks, Carnic Alps, Austrian Carinthia, Italian Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Collio and the Gorenjska region of Slovenia. One might even call it the '3 Borders Bikepacking,' as cyclists will undoubtedly pause for a moment at the exceptional meeting point of three borders between Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, overlooking stunning mountains and distinct valleys.


No Borders Bikepacking will take place from Friday, May 17th, to Sunday, May 19th, 2024. It's a next-level cycling concept, partly supported by designated checkpoints and refreshments, but otherwise, the cyclist is solely responsible for their journey, tactics, and actions along the route.


Get ready for a serious cycling challenge, experience three incredible countries, and thoroughly enjoy the journey. See you in May 2024 to together write an extraordinary cycling tale.

No Borders Facts


  • Location: Alpine regions of Austria, Italy and Slovenia
  • Base location: Lake Bled, Slovenia
  • Start and finish: River Camping, Bled
  • Duration: 3 days "off-road" cycling race
  • Date: May 17th - May 19th, 2024 
  • Format: Unsupported bikepacking race
  • Rest/Feed zone: One official point for rest, food, sleep ...
  • Riding path: Riders must follow the GPX track.
  • Length: 435 km
  • Positive climbing: +10.750 m
  • Riding terrain: cca. backroads 23%, gravel roads 70%, single roads 2%, mule-track 5%
  • Ridable "off roads": 99.5%
  • Max. number of riders: 100

3 Countries -  Amazing Alpine Contrast - 7 different landscapes - Pure Challenge 

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Event Schedule

Brief Itinerary


Day 1 | Thursday, May 16th, 2024

  • Riders registration - 2pm-8pm
  • Introductory riders meeting with dinner - 8pm

Day 2 |  Friday, May 17th, 2024

  • Morning coffee and gathering of riders - 8am
  • Last Introductory meeting - 8.30am
  • Start of the race - 9 am

Day 3-4 |  Friday May 17th to Sunday May 19th 2024

  • Race - 9 AM Friday May 17th to 7 PM Sunday May 19th
  • 3 days - 58 hours of challenge time
  • Ceremony - Sunday May 19th at 3pm

About Course - Challenge

The route - course of the NBB challenge is incredibly diverse and fluid, winding through the most beautiful regions of Carinthia in Austria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and the Julian Alps in Slovenia. It traverses stunning plateaus, deep river valleys, numerous mountain passes, and alongside alpine lakes. It's an abundance of natural diversity and numerous gems.


About 99% of the route is on enjoyable gravel paths, "off-roads" and some parts on asphalt roads. There are challenging ascents at certain parts of the route, occasionally quite steep. There are also quite fast and technically demanding downhill sections. However, the route is designed to allow for a smooth ride. In two to three short sections, cyclists will need to dismount and walk their bikes due to highly technical terrain that's nearly impassable.


No Borders Bikepacking doesn't just choose entirely remote and challenging routes; it's a combination of good gravel roads, secluded roads - even those forgotten ones - along with some nicely mountain roads mule track and comfortable short single tracks. It's a wonderful selection of all things good to help the riders reach to the end of lifetime adventure.


The route passes through remote areas but occasionally approaches towns, local infrastructure, shops, and restaurants. There will be a designated mini-support point (1) on the route, where riders can rest, eat, and even take a short sleep. Each cyclist decides whether to use this support area solely for essential food or also for rest and sleep. The support area is planned at the 220/240-kilometer mark of the route. Riders will also receive information about possible resting areas, food purchasing options, and nearby restaurants along the way.


There will be checkpoint locations along the route where cyclists must stop and confirm their passage. Reporting to all these points is necessary to complete the race. Additionally, cyclists will receive an official tracker upon registration.


Note: Riders have 3 days to cover a 460-kilometer route. This means they have 58 hours available for active riding. For instance, if a cyclist is actively on the bike for 10 hours a day, they must maintain an average speed of 15.2 km/h. The remaining time is dedicated to rest. If the cyclist cycles actively for 12 hours a day, this equates to an average speed of 12.7 km/h to meet the time limit on Sunday, May 19th, by 7 o'clock in the afternoon.

Race Regulation

No Borders Bikepacking is the ultimate 'off-road' cycling challenge. It's a race concept where riders are partially supported by official checkpoints and refreshments, yet the riders themselves are solely responsible for their journey, tactics, and actions along the route.


Start and Finish


The challenge begins on Friday morning. Cyclists have three days for cycling (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) or precisely 58 hours to complete the course. The time cutoff for cyclists is Sunday afternoon (7pm). As it is a cycling adventure and an experience of beautiful places, it's important that the route and time limit cater to a wider circle of bikepacking enthusiasts.


Support along the route


Cyclists can utilize the official feed zone (1), where they can replenish with drinks and food, and even rest or decide to sleep. The organizer will also deliver all equipment submitted by riders (sleeping bags, specialized food, etc.) to the feed zone. The equipment will be returned to the event area the following day, specifically on Saturday afternoon (day 2). The organizer will also provide information about all possible supply points along the route (shops, restaurants, water sources, bike services, clinics, pharmacies, and other service facilities). Rider will be able to find anything you need on or around the course.


Cycling Approach - No Shortcuts!


Each cyclist assumes responsibility for cycling and participating in the challenge. The route is not marked, so it's necessary to follow the GPX track. Additionally, all cyclists must use a GPS tracker, which is mandatory for safety and provided by the organizer.  It is not allowed to leave the official race course. In case you get lost or leaving a course of any reason (re-supply, lunch, sleeping), return to the right course as soon as possible. Shortcuts are not allowed.


If the riders follows the official route track, the chances of getting lost are minimal. However, in the case of getting lost, riders should reach out to the locals, find the appropriate phone numbers in the official "road-book", or use the 24/7  number operate by the organizer.


When cycling on public and official gravel roads the traffic regulations are to be strictly followed. Pastures along the route are normally fenced and only special gates for crossing must be used. Riders must adhere to traffic regulations and ride while considering other participants in traffic. Riders must embark on the route with the entire required race kit.



Official Race Course


The official route track is already prepared and arranged. For safety and seamless riding, the final inspection of the route will take place in the second half of April 2024. This is also due to certain mountain passes and areas being snow-covered during the winter. Riders will receive the official race route/course/track by May 12th, 2024.



Conditions of Participation


Any riders who pays the entry fee, is of legal age (18 years old), and arrives at the start with suitable cycling equipment and all necessary gear required by the race kit can participate in the No Border Bikepacking race. No Borders Bikepacking is a long ultra-endurance cycling challenge. Each rider must prepare for the challenge with full responsibility. Every cyclist participates in the race at their own risk and must provide a signed liability waiver. Additionally, each riders must arrange personal accident insurance for the duration of the competition (accident insurance with assistance abroad)


Venue place

The event venue place is beautiful River Camping Bled. It is also the start and finish line of the No Border Bikepacking race. River camping Bled is one of the most beautiful corners of the Julian Alps. It lies along the beautiful river Sava in the immediate vicinity of Bled. The camp is easily accessible and offers a wide range of services.

Part of the camp is also a registration center for riders and a restaurant, where a meeting with dinner will also take place. Welcome!

Who we are

Nowadays happiness is primarily found in exploring the new, the unknown. Happiness is therefore a form of action - an activity. Happiness is also the right people, kind hearted people, who are with you on your lifetime journeys.

We're a team that lives for moments on the bike. For that exploration that builds you. For years, we've been embarking on diverse bikepacking tours, mainly in the Western Balkans, Italy, Austria, Slovenia ... We simply love being on the bike, and it brings us particular joy to share the experiences we've gained with other riders enthusiasts.

Registration and Entry Fee

Welcome to the online registration of No Borders Bikepacking 2024.


  • Registration via online form.
  • Payment options: PayPal
  • Bank cards options: Stripe
  • Don't have PayPal or card?  Please, contact us on


No Border Bikepacking Entry fee


90€ for Early Bird until March 15th 2024 | 110€ for Regular price until April 30th 2024 | 130€ for Last minute price until May 12th 2024.


150€ deposite for official tracker

(Participants pay a deposit to rent the tracking device. The money is returned at the finish, upon handing over the device. The tracking device is rider responsibility once it is handed over to rider, by the organisation, at the start of the event).


Full organisation of the No border bikepacking Race | Right to start on the race | Registration services | Electronic timing | Start number | Official tracking - tracker (for rent) | Introductory meeting - day 01 | Official T-shirt | Snacks and beverages in the feed - regeneration zones (1)  | Rest area - Sleep area - Official feed zone | Pasta or pizza lunch in the finish zone | Dinner - the first day at the introductory meeting | Organised and protected bike depo | Parking | Bicycle washing area | Event Service area | Written instructions for navigation with map and attitude profile until May 5th, 2024 | GPX track for navigation | 


Additional cost - River Camping Bled Accommodation


20€  | One night (Thursday) Camping Premium parcel accommodation.

60€  | One night (Thursday) Glamping Alpine House accommodation - One bed in a shared house.

Camp allows you to rent an Alpine house for the entire duration of the competition (Thursday - Sunday, 3 nights). If you need a house or a rental space for a camper, please contact us.

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