Gravel riding represents a discovery of new areas and an enjoyable exploration on two wheels. Mostly with friends in beautiful natural surroundings. Gravel riding offers relatively a lot in terms of discovery and it is done in a very simple way. Gravel riding means distancing oneself from everyday roads, rampaging in the dust, driving in mud, losing oneself on the numerous paths with a sweaty t-shirt and an empty water bottle …


When one experiences all this with like-minded people it brings great pleasure and a smile on ones face. All of this and more is also Human Fish Gravel, which is a form of an “escape” to the most beautiful macadam trails with an intense experience of beautiful places and people.

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Gravel is about community, it’s about friendship and our mission is to create a personal and intimate gravel experience. The Human Fish Gravel is a story that enables us to get rowdy, be adventurous, race and celebrate with friends. This is the story of cyclists who have gravel in their blood, living for those devilly good times on the bike, away from the worries of everyday life.

Unique nature of the Green Karst

The Green Karst is an area of unique natural, cultural and historical landscape where the vast forests meet the typical karst phenomena. The Green Karst impresses with a double dose of beauty! The first spreads out on the surface and the second one below it. Lake Cerknica, nature’s wonder and habitat for rare bird species, and fairytale Bloke Plateau, where you can watch bears in their natural environment. And, below the surface of the Green Karst, you can find the most beautiful and world famous (UNESCO) karst caves.


For gravel grinders, Green Karst of Slovenia offers a variety of gravel riding options in a truly preserved nature, full of surpluses and fascinating locations. The interior of Green Karst is  diverse, crisscrossed with perfect gravel roads and dotted with forests and numerous remote places. In short, this seemingly small destination of ours simply does not leave you indifferent, on the contrary, you can experience a diversity and variety of gravel riding unlike anywhere else. Unique and enjoyable gravel grinding! Without a doubt, we can say that this Green Karst of Slovenia is one of the best places for gravel riding, both in the Balkans and in central Europe.

The Human Fish (Proteus)

Some 150 species can be found in the mysterious subterranean world of Postojna Cave, Slovenia, but only one can truly be described as the main one. Call it the Olm, call it the Proteus, call it the Human Fish, call it what you will, but what it is without doubt is one of the most unique creatures on the planet. The proteus has come to great prominence. Charles Darwin famously used them as an example of his theory of the reduction of structures through disuse, citing their blindness as something that had been gotten rid of over time.

Why Human Fish gravel grinding?

The Spirit of gravel

Gravel is about community and about friendship. Human fish Gravel is not just a race, it means above all the love of gravel grinding and good socializing.

Best of Gravel

Human Fish Gravel is the best thing that a gravel enthusiast searches for. It is a combination of excellent gravel roads and marvelous natural surroundings.

A Simple Story

Human Fish Gravel is not a story of a grand financial investment and a search of opportunities. It is a simple idea of gravel riding enthusiasts, who wish to meet other like-minded people and share the experiences.

HFG 2023 Festival Content

  • Human Fish Gravel Red course Challenge / Saturday, September 9th, 2023
  • Human Fish Gravel Green course Race / Saturday, September 9th, 2023
  • Human Fish Gravel Blue course Race / Saturday, September 9th, 2023
  • Gravel Village with live music / Saturday, September 9th, 2023
  • Guided Gravel Tour by Visit Postojna | Saturday, September 9th 2023
  • HFG Bikepacking Trans Slovenia | Wednesday 6th to Saturday 9th 2023 (550km)

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Life is a gravel, enjoy the ride!