The Human Fish Gravel is a gravel grinding race, a cycling festival for all adventure gravel riders. You are welcome to join us on the 14th of September, 2024 on one of the finest gravel roads in Slovenia’s Green Karst region. Riders will take on a challenging 255 kilometres, 134 kilometres and 64 kilometres long, winding routes with first-class dirt roads in beautiful natural surroundings.

Gravel riding represents a discovery of new areas and an enjoyable exploration on two wheels. Mostly with friends in beautiful natural surroundings. Gravel riding offers relatively a lot in terms of discovering new places and it is done in a very simple way. Human Fish Gravel is a form of an “escape” to the most beautiful macadam trails with an intense experience of beautiful places and people.

In 2024, the HFG event will be held for the fourth time. So far, 950 lovers of the gravel roads have cycled at the HFG event. Come, let’s go riding together!

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Each Human Fish Gravel participant can have his or her own interpretation of the race due to the experiences of these special areas, where the worldwide known and unique animal called Proteus (Human Fish) resides. The Green Karst of Slovenia is an amazing place. One of the best in the West Balkans and Central Europe for gravel riders. This is a natural area where beautiful gravel roads can be found, along with first class natural sights.

In this wonderful environment you can admire the Postojna Cave – the largest karst cave in Europe – as well as the famous Unesco Caves and Lake Cerknica, which is one of the largest intermittent karst lakes. We can be inspired by the remote and mysterious Risnjak National Park and Učka National Park, which stands right by the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful Bay of Kvarner. This is a world where the genuine karst world touches the Adriatic Coast and islands in the Kvarner Gulf.

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Gravel is about community, it’s about friendship and our mission is to create a personal and intimate gravel experience. The Human Fish Gravel is a story that enables us to get rowdy, be adventurous, race and celebrate with friends. This is the story of riders who have gravel in their blood, living for those devilly good times on the bike, away from the worries of everyday life.

Every gravel rider has high expectations and Human Fish Gravel is a great choice. It’s almost impossible for a gravel enthusiast to stay cool, on the contrary, with a wide choice of great gravel roads and trails, experiences and places along the way, it will warm the heart of every cyclist, or even “burn” them with a real adventure.

270Km of gravel roads
300Happy Riders
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