Special Note

Human Fish Gravel Stages Race is a 200+ km long ultra-endurance cycling challenge, held on the gravel roads through the Julian Alps region of Slovenia. Gravel riders are solely responsible for their personal well-being, will have to make their own informed decisions, and suffer the consequences of those decisions. If you do not feel you are prepared to meet such a three days challenge, please consider just stage 2 option (Saturday, May 18th, 2024).

Human Fish Gravel is self-supported bike race or bikepacking event. You race as an individual to a designated finish without support. You carry your own kit and uses public roads and uses his own navigation.


Every rider is responsible for preparing for the competition and is fully aware of the complexity of the competition and the route. He has fully prepared for the demanding conditions and has enough experience to take part in gravel riding. He is aware that the competition takes place in an open natural environment, where a natural phenomena is possible, making the competition more difficult and can affect the bikers’s ability to bike. The gravel riders knows how to cope with natural climatic conditions.


With registration every participant confirms, to know and accept these rules and regulations as well as the below mentioned responsible and ethical principles. Each riders competes at his own risk. The organiser does not take responsibility for competitor’s injuries and damage of their personal equipment.


Human Fish Gravel Race is organised by company LIFE Events (Lajf d.o.o.). With over 24 years of experience, we passionately believe, that bike adventures and sustainable bike events make the world a better place.

Venue place

The event space is a beautiful River Camping Bled near famous Lake Bled.
Address: Alpska cesta 111, 4248 Lesce.

Starting Times

HFG Stage 1 / May 18th, 2024

Starting time for the HFG Stages Race - day 1 |  9am.

HFG Stage 2 / May 19th, 2024

Starting time for the HFG Stages Race - day 2 |  9am.

Finishing Times  

All riders will be provided their finishing time upon return to the Gravel Village area.


HFG Stage 1 / May 18th

Finishing time less than 6 hours |  7pm

HFG Stage 2 / May 19th

Finishing time less than 10 hours | 5pm

Feed Stations

There will be one (1) feed zone available en route at approximately 60-70 km for HFG stage one and two. Each feed station will aim to provide: water, energy drink, snack foods such as bananas and local cake bars.

Required Kit

The required race kit is applicable for all riders.

Helmet, Mobile phone, GPS unit, rear light with a flashing mode, front light or headlamp (red course only), emergency First-aid basic kit, survival blanket, pump, multitool, spare inner tube and tyre levers, ability to carry at least 1 litre of water,


Bike style and equipment preferences will always be as varied and colorful as are the personalities, which will show up for the HFG Stages Race. Gravel or Cyclocross bike is required. We recommend 35-40 mm tires with ratio 50-34 front and 11-32 rear or 38 front and 11-42 rear. Those with mountain bikes in all their varieties can also participate and are very welcome. There are many quick sections with excellent gravel terrain. The decision of which bike to choose for this particular course is thus left up to you.

Track and way markers

Riders must follow the GPX track for orientation. There will be no additional markings and signposts en route. Only feed zones at the locations  are additionally marked on the route. Each competitor must use the official route with official GPX track. It is not allowed to leave the official HFG track. In case you get lost, return to the right road as soon as possible. When biking on public roads and gravel public roads the traffic regulations are to be strictly followed.

Riders can also use the official Ride with GPS (RWGPS) app, where all three stages course are published. The RWGPS app can also be used while riding on the phone.

Cyclists must comply with road traffic regulations and cycle according to restrictions. Cyclists use the roads and public places at their own risk.

Rider Briefing 

A final rider briefing will be made approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the Human Fish Gravel Stages race (Saturday, May 18th, 2024). All riders should attend this race briefing. For stage 1 and stage 2 a final rider briefing will be made approximately 30 minutes prior to the start.

Full details will be available until 10th May 2024.

Cancelation or Termination of the Race

In the case of unfavourable weather conditions (substantial amount of rain or snow, strong risk of storms, ….) the start may be either postponed for a couple of hours, postponed to the next day or cancelled.


Insurance is a matter of each participant. Participants are required to have personal accident insurance, which has to include costs for helicopter rescue actions as well as medical treatment in hospital. The organiser has third-party insurance for the duration of the competition, which covers indemnities of the event and its aides towards third-parties.

Gravel Village

Every gravel rider has high expectations and HF Gravel Village is a great place. Above all, it is a perfect experience that combines great gravel stories, small expo place, good food and drink. The Gravel Village in River Camping Bled is a space for socialize with interesting people, gravel industry and stories.


The Human Fish Gravel event area with Gravel village in River Camping Bled, Slovenia will allow the riders access to: toilets, hot and cold food, expo area, bicycle washing area, protected bike depo, showers and car parking.

Accommodation & Transfers

If you need an Accommodation this booking can be provided by our partner tourist agency. If you need a transfer or rent-a-car from/to the nearest airport this service can be provided by our partner tourist agency. Please send a request to us.

Responsible gravel race

Responsible gravel adventure race is about the attitude you have and the choices you make when cycling – to respect and benefit the local people, their cultures, economies and the environment. As gravel cycling becomes a truly global industry, we recognise our obligation to operate our race and events in a responsible and sustainable fashion. We’ve worked hard at these things to ensure we are welcomed in the places we all love to visit, meaning local people benefit. We all and our friendly staff and suppliers are trained on these principles, and are the core to delivering sustainable, experience-rich gravel cycling.


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